We are making a healthier life more accessible and affordable for all, by delivering the lowest prices on health products coupled with fantastic service.
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Our mission
Make healthcare more affordable with a great customer experience for everyone.
Problems we aim to solve:
  1. 01 Poor availability of some products between pharmacies
  2. 02 Inconvenient and expensive delivery of products
  3. 03 Huge price difference for the same medicines
One solution — Liki24 platform
  1. 01 Multiple delivery options: 30-minute delivery, same-day delivery, or pickup point
  2. 02 Get an order to your doorstep 30% cheaper
  3. 03 Search a wide range of products, adding them easily to your cart
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Our story
  • Liki24 established in Kyiv by Anton Avrinsky,
    Dmytro Liatambur, Serhii Fadieiev, Sergii Kliebanov
    and Volodymyr Zubenko
  • Secured first external investments
  • Launched SaaS module for insurers
  • Won IT-Arena Startup Competition
  • Awarded Best Startup 2018
  • Signed first marketing contract with pharma producer
  • Launched new pickup product
  • Closed first investment round: seed capital of $1M
  • Gained first 100k customers
  • Launched free delivery of medicines to a wide range of cities and villages to fight COVID-19 outbreak
  • Awarded by Financial Times
  • Launched operations in Poland (Warsaw)
  • Attracted Series A investment of $5M by Horizon Capital,
    TA Ventures and Genesis Investments (Flyer One Ventures)
  • 3M+ monthly website traffic by year-end 2020
  • Awarded Best Startup 2020 by ain.ua
  • Started Lab24 platform to connect customers with medical labs
  • Launched operations in Romania (Bucharest)
  • Launched mobile application
Liki24 today
Happy customers
3 countries
Ukraine, Romania, Italy
Monthly website traffic
Pickup points
Products delivered
Our geography and market size
Our team
Anton Avrinsky
Anton Avrinsky

Our philosophy is that we aim to provide a service so good that you’d want to recommend it to a friend.
We’re building a digital healthcare ecosystem – every element of which innovates and redefines what service can be. The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most conservative industries. Technology and innovation enable us to radically transform the industry – allowing millions of people to feel the benefits, immediately!

Serhii Fadieiev
Serhii Fadieiev
Mykola Solomiichuk
Mykola Solomiichuk
Sergii Kliebanov
Sergii Kliebanov
Tetiana Lunova
Tetiana Lunova
Head of Content
Kateryna Grytsenko
Kateryna Grytsenko
Dmytro Liatambur
Dmytro Liatambur
Oleksandra Haran
Oleksandra Haran
Head of Talent
Natalia Dina
Natalia Dina
Country Manager Romania
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